Notorious B.O.G: How a damaged trail is bringing outdoor tribes together in the Peak District

It’s a trail described as “one of the jewels in the crown of UK mountain biking”, but the campaign to repair it is being backed by horse riders, runners, ramblers – and the BMC’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign. We speak to mountain biker Chris Maloney about why it’s so important. Compared to the likes of Kinder Scout, Stanage Edge or Mam Tor, it is not exactly one of the Peak District’s ‘household names’ – but among some…

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The man who climbed Everest (sort of) for Mend Our Mountains

Want to give something back to the wild and wonderful places you care about? Take a leaf out of James Forrest’s book and take on a sponsored challenge in the hills and mountains. James Forrest went the extra mile to help Mend Our Mountains. A thousand of them, in fact. Over the course of six months, he walked over 1,000 miles, ascended the height of Everest five times over, and wild camped in the hills more than 50 times as part of…

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Paths and People #1: The hill walking vicar with an evangelical zeal for Yorkshire

We start off our series of ‘Paths and People’ blogs with the story of Michael ‘Mick the Vic’ Storey, a West Yorkshire-based vicar with an evangelical enthusiasm for the Yorkshire Three Peaks.  What do the mountains mean to you? Why are landscapes important to us? Why do we develop connections to lumps of rock and particular plots of earth? How can geological accidents like hills or mountains seem to take on their own eccentricities, personalities and moods? Why do we find ourselves revisiting the same places again and again? …

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Scarred Scafell Pike: The struggle to control erosion on England’s highest mountain

With foot traffic at an all-time high, paths on England’s highest mountain are being eroded faster than they can be repaired. We speak to Fix the Fells ranger Liam Prior about the huge challenge of getting the damage under control – and what Mend Our Mountains is doing to help.  For the last three decades the National Trust and Lake District National Park Authority have been engaged in a ‘painting the Forth Bridge’ task – trying to heal erosion caused by…

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Mend Our Mountains is back!

Mend Our Mountains has returned. And it’s grown.  You may remember the last Mend Our Mountains campaign in spring 2016. Have a look here to refresh your memory, and have a read here to learn about the impact it had in galvanising repairs on our hills and mountains. It was such a success we wanted to follow it up with something a lot bigger and better. Ten times bigger, in fact. Our target this time has jumped from £100,000 to £1 million. Vital…

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